IBV Capital is an investment management firm dedicated to delivering superior long-term rates of return while protecting our investors’ capital. We invest in attractive businesses through equity markets, public debt, and by providing private financing. We treat each investment as a partial ownership of a business, and conduct comprehensive research to intimately understand each of the select few businesses we invest in.


In 2014, IBV Capital evolved from an established Canadian family office to provide individuals, families, and institutions an opportunity to invest alongside our founders in a proven, value driven philosophy. 


Our beginnings as a family office provide us with a unique perspective that has fundamentally shaped us as investors and as a firm. We prioritize long-term value creation while simultaneously protecting against our definition of risk – the probability of a permanent loss in capital. 


The world’s most successful family offices are flexible and patient in their investment approach. Our flexibility enables us to be opportunistic buyers and our patience allows us to think like business owners. 


 Above all, we have a deep appreciation for the tremendous effort it takes to generate wealth and the importance of preserving it. That is why we put our own capital to work alongside our investors.


Our investment process begins with idea generation. We look for attractive businesses with defensible business models that are undervalued because they are either misunderstood, overlooked, or temporarily affected by a market decline.

Once identified, we conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative due diligence to develop a conservative assessment of the business’s intrinsic value. Intrinsic value is what we determine the business is actually worth and is core to our investment approach. As a rule, we only invest in a business when its market value is materially below its intrinsic value. 

Portfolio construction is the final stage in our investment process. Our portfolio will only consist of our highest conviction investments. We continuously monitor our investments to ensure appropriate position sizes – balancing the return potential and risk dynamics of each investment to optimize the portfolio.